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Today, you can invest and save around the world effortlessly, with more confidence, more security, for more profit.

Reasons to invest in the international markets :

Divesify your portfolio

Investing in U.S. equities allows you to diversify and broaden your investment exposure to the U.S. economy to mitigate economic risk.

Dollar appreciation gain

Only at the beginning of the fiscal year 2020-2021, the Haitian gourde depreciated by 25% against the dollar and since then, it has only increased.

Opportunity to invest in companies with high potential

The United States is a leader in innovation in the technology, pharmaceutical and industrial sectors. Investing in U.S. stocks allows Haitian investors to benefit from the gains made in American society.

Higher yields than the Haitian market

The U.S. markets, throughout history, have offered much higher returns than the Haitian market depending on several factors: socio-political, economic, industrial, etc.

Many Opportunities

Opportunities are everywhere in this new era, the world is changing. That is why Kapito is looking for the best international financial services for you. And is also involved in the search for services with economic and asset exploitation opportunities in the Haitian market and others.

More and more people are discovering Kapito S.A, and it's your turn to diversify overseas and start increasing your wealth.

Now that we are here, investing internationally is simple. We are here for you, whatever your wealth. Find out what you already have at your disposal.


Investment or placement accessible from a minimum of $10 dollars.


Unlimited access to companies in the country and around the world.


Unlimited holding period of your investment securities.

Service in three
(3) languages.

24-hour support in the language of your choice.


Accessibility of investment in companies with high potential and giants in the international market.


Your opportunities, your investments everywhere with you and always on you whether you are in Haiti or elsewhere in the world, at any time you can buy, sell or make withdrawals on your earnings.

Know your goals and risk tolerance, then make an international investment and start building your wealth.

With your money invested in many different assets in the markets, this is a reliable way to minimize your risk and maximize your gains

Kapito S.A. opens up Haitian agricultural and commercial businesses to the world

PDAC is a program of KAPITO S.A. that supports agricultural and commercial entrepreneurs in the development of their activities through projects. It aims to give them access to a stable, flexible, fast and reliable form of financing from the Haitian diaspora and international partners.

Our areas of intervention: Agriculture and trade

Agriculture contributes to development as an economic activity, as a means of livelihood, and as a source of environmental services. In agriculture-based countries, agriculture contributes an average of 29% to gross domestic product (GDP) and employs 65% of the labor force.

In almost all countries, trade is important, both as a source of wealth and as an instrument for achieving self-sustaining growth and poverty reduction. No country has succeeded in developing its economy by turning its back on international trade and foreign direct investment over the long term.

PDAC is to promote the agricultural and commercial potential of Haiti in the world and to facilitate its financing.

Make an investment that will grow with you.

Kapito S.A offers you a quick and simple way to help you make your money work harder for you and your family. It suits different types of investors, whether you’re an experienced investor or taking your first steps.

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